About Us

Peter Chan (left), CEO of Bobadachi, and Janine Lorenzo (right), brand ambassador of Bobadachi

Meet Peter Chan (left), the founder, boba-fanatic, and CEO of Bobadachi! Peter has been exposed to the world of bubble tea since his childhood days in the city of Taipei, Taiwan, and has since opened up a few Kung Fu Tea stores in many cities within Virginia (Harrisonburg, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk).

One day, at the suggestion of his friend David Carbajal, Peter decided to look into eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic straws that are commonplace in his stores, and started by selling unbranded metal straws to his friends. After seeing the overwhelmingly positive feedback from his friends, he decided to work with his friend Helen Li to come up with the Bobadachi logo and brand, started selling at his and other partnered stores, and finally, brought Bobadachi to the digital front. 

Meeting many avid boba and environmentally conscious friends along the way, such as Janine Lorenzo (right), the very first Bobadachi brand ambassador, Peter aim to continue to spread his love for boba culture and emphasize the positeave impact our life choices can have on the world, one Bobadachi straw at a time!

You can read more about Peter and his boba journey in an interview he did with the JMU Breeze here

Peter is also an aspiring musician and loves to work on and collaborate with others on music covers and projects. Feel free take a gander and follow him on Instagram by clicking here :)